Clams Casino (nueske’s bacon, herbs, white wine, lemon)

With age comes whiskey, aged whiskey. I’m a full believer in trying new things, but when it comes to my pallet, I wasn’t given a choice. What was once used for the mere pleasure of getting drunk, is now used for leisurely conversing with old friends and potential clients. The age of shouting out my order is over, as I want my bartender to understand my acquired taste and to recommend me a house specialty. I want new yet aged, and I want an environment that invites this newly aged me.

Untitled Supper Club has always been a huge hit amongst my friends. Everything my little heart desired all under one roof was for the taking; live entertainment, dancing, and drinks. Then it happened, I matured. I no longer found pleasure in staying out until 3am as my hangovers last three days. I require dinner before I drink, or I’ll morph into a 21 year old version of myself, which if you know me needs to be left where it’s at, in the past. That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy a little burlesque in my life, drinks and a good time. Thankfully for Miss Autumn, Untitled showed me it’s true colors one cold January night, when they invited me to a foodie media dinner.

Yes, even us mature adults can go out and enjoy a whiskey or two, while indulging in a meal fit for royalty, or shall I say a meal made for those that obsess over the culinary genius of Chef Bryan Collante.

All of this in the comfort of an intimate whiskey library tucked inside one of Chicago’s sexiest clubs, Untitled.

I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing. You mean to tell me that my favorite “club” in Chicago is actually a Supper Club and that they serve some of the best brussels sprouts a girl could dream of, and that their Head-On Gulf Shrimp and Grits is gluten free and even a picky eater like myself can feel full and tastefully satisfied? Yes my friends, all of this is true and I invite you to try it for yourselves.

Let’s keep in mind that this was an eight course meal. Here are three of my faves from the night!

Burrata (duck prosciutto, compressed pear, cranberry gastrique, pine nut, mustard see, winter greens)
Clams Casino (nueske’s bacon, herbs, white wine, lemon)
Chair Creme Brulee & Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie *The chef actually removed the crust on the Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie just for me, so that the pie was gluten free and I could enjoy dessert with the rest of the table.

And if you take me up on this offer, I highly recommend the Divorce in Style. Yeah, you heard me right. This is the only drink I’ve had in the last 6 months, made with vodka, that I fell in love with. Whether it beith the drink’s name or the cheeky bartender that made it, it was by far my favorite drink of the night.

Divorce in Style (vodka, aperol, grapefruit, lime, sage)

It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my old friend, Untitled, is here to stay. And by stay, I mean in my life. It’s comforting to know I can mature with a venue, and not move on from it like a Tinder date. It’s timeless there, and for that I’ll be returning years to come… with my Tinder dates. Cheers to aging with style!