As we began to filter in, there was a feeling of power and prestige coming from the sent of the kitchen, and an all-knowing understanding of friendship.  We gathered to dine and we gathered to learn the delicate balance of being a culinary genius and the art of mastering mixology.

This experience was sponsored by Grand Mayan Tequila, a very distinct tequila. Specialty cocktails were crafted specifically for our table, starting with The Grand Comote, Shrubbed the Right Way, and finishing off with A Noble Soul.  The cocktails were merely the beginning, as the night unfolded we were introduced to Grilled Watermelon & Arugula Salad, Ensalada Latina, Black Bean and Chorizo Sopes, Grilled Beer Soaked Chicken Tacos, and Warm Cheesecake with Cajeta Peaches.

When you speak of impeccable service and food, you speak of Bottlefork.  When you speak of Mr. Right, you speak of Grand Mayan Tequila.


Sponsored by Grand Mayan Tequila

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