Thirteen of Chicago’s most influential foodies joined at the dinner table for the premier of the new Chicken Mole taco at Moe’s Cantina in River North.  Along with many other delectable apps and tacos was a Maya concoction fit for royalty; the Quetzal Margarita.  Corporate Mixologist for Moe’s Cantina, Enrique Cobos, selectively chose each ingredient and purposely named the drink after the Quetzal bird because of it’s richness, colors, and beauty.  This night was brought to us by Grand Mayan Tequila, a very special tequila, as well as Moe’s Cantina, your Northern Mexican Cuisine.

 We urge you to try the Quetzal Margarita at Moe’s Cantina for yourself, and taste maturity with a hint of fresh cucumber and spice!  A special thank you to Sam Sanchez (owner of Moe’s Cantina) for his hospitality!