Remember those foodies from my earlier blog that have found a way to make a living off their love for food? Well, now those same foodies that have created a business out of their passion for food can use Foodiechats to grow that endeavor. “Whereas Instagramers are very city specific, Foodiechats is national. Ambassador outreach programs are easy because they’re all on the Foodiechats app, so working with a national brand is a ‘piece of cake.’” says Steve Green, founder of Foodiechats.

The primary focus of the app is to connect foodies and food lovers alike, to discover new recipes, restaurants and events. This is a foodie focused community for likeminded passionate food lovers.

  • Most anticipated part of the app are the ‘Groups’. Groups are focused (football foodies, bacon fanatics, etc.) and hone in on the topic that is 100% your interest.
  • ‘Foodiechats’ are actual ‘food topics.’

This app is closer to Facebook than any other social media platform. People can comment, like and share your posted food photo, and tag other foodies. Even the Groups are like Facebook Groups or even LinkedIn groups for that matter. Share your foodie thoughts, where Facebook asks ‘what’s on your mind?’. Example, ‘What restaurant are you going to tonight?’. Sure there are hints of Instagram throughout the app, but Instagram is about everything, whereas Foodiechats is only about food.

"It started off as a single Tweet, on May 9th, 2011, 8:52pm Eastern Time (I was in Miami on the beach). 'What’s everybody having for dinner tonight?’ I asked.

Foodiechats App Offers:

Market Place – Curated place of favorites that Foodiechats endorses and is passionate and excited about.

What’s That Dish – Hottest dishes from restaurants, bloggers, chefs, and home cooks. Foodiechats features it for you (5-10 dishes every day). This portion inspires people to discover new restaurants and new recipes for home cooking.

Events – Food and beverage calendar for the best and hottest food, beer and wine events locally and nationally.

Profile – Answers 10 questions (favorite restaurants, cuisine, beverage, etc). It’s a jump start or bond so to say. This is not a dating app, it’s a communal app that can lead to dating, friendships, or business connections.

What was your vision and how did this even become?

“It started off as a single Tweet, on May 9th, 2011, 8:52pm Eastern Time (I was in Miami on the beach). ‘What’s everybody having for dinner tonight?’ I asked. The conversation went on for 5 hours! Someone asked, ‘Is Foodiechats every Monday night?’ I said, “Sure.”, and just went for it. Then the brands started coming on board to sponsor ‘the Foodiechats’. Associating myself with big national brands was very exciting. The community directed everything and I listened. ‘When are you going to do live events?’ That’s how the events portion got going. Then people said, ‘start your own foodie community.’ This entire operation is community built. Now, it’s a business model, and I’m running with it. The app really brings it all together!”

“When you really consider what got me started, it’s AOL Instant Messenger…. just chatting to girls (Steve says laughing). That really taught me how to talk online. Then I was working for a company that booked meetings and conventions for hotels. I messaged all the meeting planners that were online and booked an event completely through messenger – that was in 2001. Then in 2008 I started hosting monthly events in Chicago with different restaurants and sponsors, and posted the events on Facebook. By 2009, I was talking about food all day with restaurants that it was natural to start Foodiechats. Just about everything I involved myself with led towards Foodiechats. Even back in 1999, I use to do presentations and my presentations got the best feedback because I brought the best food! It’s a full circle. It’s always been about food. From the dinner table to the virtual table, I’ve combined both communities throughout most of my adult life.”

What started off as a single Tweet, has led into an entire new platform for food lovers to engage amongst themselves. I’m very intrigued to see how this app develops over time, just as our beloved Facebook and Instagram have. Perhaps, there will be video integrated down the line? In the meantime, I’m excited to check out another Foodiechats event and get to eatin’!

*Foodiechats app is currently in the app stores and was published June 27th, 2016 (Monday Night). It’s a free app.*